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CurodontTM Repair
Fluoride Plus

Anticavity Dental Rinse

Biomimetic system for Guided Enamel Remineralization of early caries

– Professional product, for dental professionals only –

CURODONTTM Repair Fluoride Plus is a biomimetic, brush-on system that tackles early caries through Guided Enamel Remineralization.

Its patented formulation helps minerals diffuse into the tooth to remineralize and reharden the enamel, helping preserve the natural tooth structure.

Easy and fast application – Non-staining – Minimally invasive – For all surfaces – For all patients – One-time application.

1 box with 10 applicators can treat up to 30 lesions.



Darby Dental


Box contains 10 units of ready-to-use applicators.
One applicator can treat 1-3 lesions per patient.

In office

Sodium Fluoride, Water, Chlorhexidine diglucconate, Tromethamine, Trehalose Dihydrate, Oligopeptide-104, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

In office

Visible Evidence

Remineralisation of a proximal caries lesion
Dr. Markus Schlee: Stomatologie 2014 (111); 175 – 181
Day 0
After six months
Occlusal caries
Dr. Frank Bröseler, 2012
Day 0
After six months
Visible “fading“ of the white spot lesion
Dr. Frank Bröseler: Broeseler, F. Et al. Clin Oral Invest 2020; 24: 123 – 132
Day 0
After six months


  • 10+ years in clinical practice
  • Over 100,000 successfully treated patients, with no side effects
  • More than 20 years of research
  • > 230 scientific peer-reviewed literature

Guided Enamel Remineralization

Guided Enamel Remineralization (GER) tackles initial carious lesions. GER bridges the gap between prevention and invasive restorative approaches. It enables effective therapy of initial caries and white spots through in-depth remineralization of the enamel, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the tooth.

Mode of Action

CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus brings fluoride where it is needed most – directly to early carious lesions and white spots. The formulation of the technology helps phosphate and calcium found in the saliva, to penetrate the enamel surface into the depth of the lesion. Lost enamel is re-hardened and remineralized over the following few weeks.
1. Natural caries protection In a healthy oral environment, saliva facilitates constant remineralization. Saliva is rich in calcium and phosphate. Fluoride actively supports this natural remineralization process and strengthens enamel.
2. Increased risk of caries The constant acid challenge from bacteria inhibits the natural remineralization cycle and tooth minerals are lost. If demineralization cannot be stopped, enamel becomes porous (i.e. white spots). Targeted anti-caries measures are needed.
3. CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus applied directly onto the cleaned surface of the white spot CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus acts where it is needed. Over the course of the weeks the application procedure help minerals, like fluoride and calcium, to penetrate the enamel surface into the white spots and to remineralize and re-harden the affected enamel over the next few weeks.

How to apply

The non-invasive therapy with CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus (CRFP) is as
safe as its application is easy.

The entire process of applying CRFP is completed within 8-10 minutes, without
drilling, anesthesia, or pain.

  1. Perform oral prophylaxis in the area to be treated to eliminate any calculus/ plaque/materia alba. Isolate the area using cotton rolls, optional: cheek retractors. Use of a rubber dam is not necessary.
  2. Clean the tooth surface using a small cotton pellet dipped in 2% sodium
    hypochlorite for 20 seconds, then rinse with water and dry.
  3. Etch the lesion with 35% phosphoric acid for 20 seconds (if treating a proximal surface, unwaxed dental floss may be used to aid etchant distribution). Rinse and dry. Aggressive drying is not recommended.
  4. Use one CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus applicator per lesion (if proximal caries on adjacent teeth, one applicator may be used for both lesions). After withdrawing the applicator sponge, press it onto the lesion surface to squeeze out the all the liquid.
  5. Keep area isolated for for 5 minutes whilst the formula soaks in.
    Do not allow the patient to rinse after. Discharge the patient, with instructions not to eat or drink for 30 minutes and emphasize maintenance of good oral hygiene.

For caries classification, please visit ADA or FDI

Smooth Surface

Application Video

Interproximal Surface

Application Video

Occlusal Surface

Application Video

Ortho Case

Application Video


Guided Enamel Remineralization (GER) is essentially a drill-free, anti-cavity concept where tooth enamel is remineralized.
CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus is a locally applied professional mouthrinse for the in-depth management of early caries. This revolutionary technology promotes the deposition of hydroxyapatite within carious lesions and stop the progression of incipient lesions.
CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus’s unique, award-winning formulation helps the fluoride and calcium found in saliva, to penetrate the enamel surface into the white spot. Lost enamel is remineralized over time.
  • White spot lesions
  • Enamel Remineralization
  • Cavity prevention
CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus can be used for tackling early demineralized lesions, like white spots, on all types of tooth surfaces. It cannot be used for cavitated lesions.
For each lesion, only one application of CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus is sufficient to bring about over a course of 4-6 months, provided the patient maintains good oral hygiene in this period. The remineralization may continue to increase thereafter.
CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus is safe to be used on children, under supervision. Regular dental appointments to detect caries in the earliest stages and their drill-free management using CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus is recommended.
Natural enamel formation in primary and permanent teeth requires a few months to a few years, respectively. As CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus technologies essentially mimics nature in remineralizing enamel , it requires around 4-6 months to demonstrate discernible remineralization.
When CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus remineralizes enamel within incipient carious lesions. Due to this, the white appearance of incipient caries treated with CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus may fade to a significant extent but may not completely disappear.
No. CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus can be used in conjunction with other remineralizing agents, such as fluoride varnish, to optimize enamel remineralization. However, all treatments should be carried out only after an interval of at least 5 minutes after the application of CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus and not before.
Routine oral hygiene measures including brushing with fluoridated toothpastes twice a day must strictly be followed. Additionally, and especially, in cases with early caries on proximal surfaces, interdental flossing must be performed after meals to ensure the cleanliness of the area. Good oral hygiene maintenance is an essential pre-requisite for the success of any dental treatment.
Resin infiltration is a micro-invasive technology which aims to infiltrate the pores and microspaces of an early carious lesion with a low-viscosity, hydrophilic resin (tetraethyleneglycol dimethacrylate, TEGDMA). Resin infiltration fills the lost minerals with a foreign, plastic material. This is completely different to what CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus achieves by way of Guided Enamel Remineralization (GER); as the tooth is naturally made up of hydroxyapatite, GER restores the tooth to its natural, sound state. Moreover, the use of CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus does not require any special armamentarium, meaning the entire procedure can be completed within 8-10 minutes.
Although one application of CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus per lesion helps to promote remineralization, it can still be re-applied 3-6 months after the first application. As with all dental treatments, success is also determined on the good oral hygiene practices of the patient.
In-vitro studies have shown that CurodontTM Repair Fluoride Plus not only promotes enamel remineralization but also prevents from white spot lesions. Therefore, the regenerative effect of CurodontTM Repair on enamel is not limited in time.

*Kirkham J, et al. Self-assembling peptide scaffolds promote enamel remineralization. J Dent Res 2007;86:426-43s